Why Real Time Communication is a better way to connect IoT devices to the Internet


Many connected device manufacturers and developers default to cloud-centric IoT connectivity solutions, such as Azure and AWS, when choosing an IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP), due to lack of alternatives.

Yet these platforms can result in latency, security risks and high running costs as all data has to pass via and be stored in a centralized database.

This is where Real Time Communication IoT can offer a better solution. The Nabto platform only uses the cloud to mediate (P2P based) connections between the device and end-user client. Once connections have been mediated, direct traffic occurs between devices on the edge.


What Can You Use Nabto For?

Build mobile apps for remote control of embedded devices

Enable remote access to your product with the Nabto IoT app platform, by building your own mobile app solution. Our software ensures direct connectivity to embedded devices with minimal latency and high privacy of the end-users data. Explore our IoT app solution to learn more about the platform. 

A remote app solution can be useful for products such as alarm systems, heatpumps, and smart locks. Our IoT app platform has been used by numerous businesses to easily create and scale mobile apps to control embedded devices, including SOREL, A-TEAM Ventures and EyeCloud.ai.

High-performance P2P based
Real Time Communication video streaming 

Our IoT connectivity platform upgrades your camera with state-of-the-art, standard-based security technology that ensures your customers’ full privacy. Through P2P IoT, real-time video is transmitted with very low latency. The integration of our software is simple and transparent, enabling developers to easily inject a Nabto tunnel between existing surveillance clients and the video service from the camera.
Read more about the benefits of a Nabto surveillance camera solution here.

We have plenty of experience in enabling P2P connectivity for camera solutions – including EyeCloud.ai, Y-Cam Solutions, HomeWizard and Cosesy.


Create tunneling for existing applications

Using the Nabto application level tunnel solution, you can easily add secure remote access to your existing solutions. If you currently allow TCP-based LAN access to your applications, you can insert a pair of Nabto tunnel endpoints:

Just start the Nabto tunnel device endpoint in front of your existing service and change the client to connect to the Nabto client tunnel endpoint. Now you have transparently added end-to-end encryption between your client and device – and you can connect to the device, regardless of its location (on the local LAN in an offline scenario or behind several firewalls in a remote location)

You can embed the tunnels directly in your applications or run side-by-side. There is minimal integration effort, high security and no VPN or hardware hassle. Read the tunnel introduction – and try it yourself using a Nabto Cloud Console account.

Simplify and predict costs with our IoT pricing model

Rather than pay an ongoing and variable IoT connectivity subscription, our transparent enterprise solution offers predictable pricing. With no hidden fees and with prices set over the length of the contract, our IoT connectivity solution is fully compatible with your bill-of-materials, in much the same way you would price in the cost of an extra integrated circuit.

In addition, our decentralized P2P platform only uses the cloud to mediate connections, storing data at the device level. This means we’re able to offer significant savings on cloud storage costs, versus our competitors.

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