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Security has been our primary focus since the very first version of the platform was launched in 2007. End-to-end encryption using public key cryptography is standard, rendering error-prone and risky password-based security a thing of the past. Our device SDKs are open source – simple to integrate and possible to review for complete peace of mind.

Host your solution in our global infrastructure. Or restrict it to an EU-only deployment – or host it yourself.

Some of EU’s most trusted brands in security already made the choice and migrated to Nabto’s P2P platform – such as ERA Home Security, Steinel and HomeWizard/SmartWares.

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With Nabto Edge, you get high P2P ratio, low latency, and high throughput with minimal overhead. 

With Nabto Edge QuickConnect, streams start instantly (using end-to-end encrypted relay) while the optimal P2P connection is being established in the background (this may take a few seconds). Once established, the stream is transparently migrated to the optimal connection.

On average, more than 90% of connections established are P2P. The transparent central relay is used for the remaining connections. The Nabto P2P stream throughput is similar to or better than TCP in similar network conditions.

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Nabto Edge connections are end-to-end encrypted based on elliptic curve and AES cryptography. Public key based authentication eliminates the need for passwords.

The powerful Nabto Edge IAM framework is provided for robust and flexible decentral access control – ie, completely autonomous deployments are supported with no need for a central user database. Through OAuth 2.0/JWT, the platform integrates with 3rd party security solutions to leverage existing infrastructure for central access control.

Open source device SDKs make it possible for you to fully review everything running on the end-user device.

Secure offline access: Encrypted access to cameras, even if no Internet connection (due to outage or restrictions by design).

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It is extremely simple to integrate Nabto Edge in an existing video solution: If you already have a video player app and e.g. an RTSP service on your camera, the Nabto Edge TCP Tunnels can be added to the solution with just a few lines of code. A quick prototype can literally be running in an hour.

Abstract SDKs make it simple to follow best practices: For instance, helper components are provided to implement the recommended client/device pairing scenarios making integration of secure pairing very simple.

Device SDKs are open source, making it simple to build for your specific target with your specific toolchain.

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Building a P2P solution for your cameras can be a complex matter. In principle you can build your own solution from open source or individual commercial components. With Nabto Edge, you get everything you need in a single, managed solution.

We take care of everything necessary to establish secure P2P connections with fallback to central relay. And with a matching simple, all-inclusive price model.

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