Making IoT Device Testing and Prototyping Easier than Ever

Developing your app and establishing a remote connection with an embedded device is often annoyingly complex, with lots of time spent testing options and tweaking firmware, and all without an easy-to-understand and simple-to-use interface.

The goal of the demo is to allow an app on the client side, in this case the thermostat app, to remotely communicate with a simulated IoT device rather than a true embedded device, by way of the Nabto Edge SDK—all with minimal user effort. The source code is readily available, so you can do as much tweaking as you want, and the Nabto Edge platform provides that easy-to-use interface you need for testing.

The Nabto Edge Thermostat app is freely available on iOS and Android (with full source code available).

iOS GUIDE Android Guide

Fast and Easy to Implement

Spend 15-45 minutes and have a fully operating simulated IoT device setup

Working through the demos should only take 15 to 45 minutes and doesn’t require extensive programming or development experience—though working knowledge of handling docker files, basic console commands, and Github may be helpful. The Nabto Edge platform is easy to use even with zero experience, and you can set up a free account for testing.

All you have to do for the demo is follow the six-step process with smartphone and computer, and a few basic console commands. We’ll do the rest.

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