The Nabto Platform in a Nutshell

Nabto provides a full communication infrastructure to allow real-time direct, secure communication between end-user client devices and resource constrained IoT devices.

Examples of client device is a smartphone, tablet or PC. Examples of IoT devices is surveillance cameras, thermostat or heating controls, alarm systems, electrical controls etc. normally very resource constrained with only few kilobytes of memory.

The platform provides direct real-time connectivity with no firewall or dynamic IP hassle – just as you know from e.g. Skype™. The platform can communicate any content ranging from simple temperature data to full fledged audio-video streaming feeds.

Get an overview of the platform capabilities and features below and see on how this can be used in your applications. Our most popular use cases are web enabling of very resource constrained devices and peer-to-peer video streaming on higher end devices (typically P2P RTSP/H.264 streaming).