The Nabto Platform in a Nutshell

Nabto provides a full communication infrastructure to allow real-time direct, encrypted communication between end-user clients (tablets, smartphones, PC) and resource limited devices (< 1kb RAM and up) - the Nabto communication platform.

The platform provides direct real-time connectivity with no firewall or dynamic IP hassle - just as you know from e.g. Skype™.

Get an overview of the platform capabilities and features below and see examples on how this can be used in your applications. Our most popular use cases are web enabling of very resource constrained devices and peer-to-peer video streaming on higher end devices (typically P2P RTSP/H.264 streaming).

Why Internet of Things? IoT in terms of simple, secure remote access immediately adds value to your product. Or enables cost savings.


Integrate the Nabto SDK to add remote access to your devices - with a 10-30 kB footprint.


With the Nabto platform, develop clients through high level SDKs and template applications - P2M or M2M. Client retrieves data as needed directly from device.


Maximum privacy: Direct, encrypted communication between Nabto enabled client and device. No data stored in cloud.


No firewall hassle: Automatic NAT traversal (P2P) with built-in fallback to TURN (relay). Offline support. Automatic discovery.


Simple pricing model: Low, one-time fee per device. Includes unlimited use of mobile, desktop and M2M client binaries.


Includes client apps, plugins and libraries for all major client platforms
- desktop, mobile and cloud based.

Start Developing

Nabto Platform Example Use Cases


Danfoss Logo
Cosesy Logo
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Danfoss Solution

Danfoss Solar Inverters is one of the World’s largest vendors of solar inverters, and is represented in more than 20 countries. In 2010 Danfoss Solar Inverters began nurturing the idea of using Nabto technology in order to give their customers the opportunity of monitoring the production data anywhere and anytime via their mobile device. Nabto therefore helped Danfoss Solar Inverters develop the CLX Home box that creates remote access and delivers data access, logging and messaging via mobile devices.

The main features that lead Danfoss Solar Inverters to implement Nabto technology in their CLX Home boxes were the hassle free installation and time saving technology. The Nabto features are now incorporated in both CLX Standard, CLX Home, DLX and TLX products.

Today Danfoss Solar Inverters' customers are able to experience 24/7 live performance data from the solar panels directly via the SolarApp on a phone, tablet or computer anywhere.


Cosesy Solution

It was Nabto’s expertise in micro web servers that attracted the Danish alarm and home automation company Cosesy to Nabto.

Cosesy, who headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark, develops gadgets controlled and monitored by for example smartphones and supplies customers with an inexpensive way to monitor and control appliances from the internet.

Nabto provides Cosesy's backend monitoring system with a secure access to the individual alarms in the users' homes - without having to worry intro firewall configurations. Nabto's very limited resource requirements allowed Cosesy to use their existing embedded hardware platform as is without having to invest in expensive hardware for the necessary sophisticated remote access capabilities.

The result is that today Cosesy’s customers can install their alarm system at home without having to deal with the hassle of firewalls, and Cosesy’s system can in an easy and secure way monitor each customer’s alarm system.


From copper to cloud

When Denmark’s leading wire service, Ritzau’s Bureau, transmits news and advertising material to media outlets, it has to happen through an encrypted, reliable, closed network. Ever since the news was sent through fax machines, Ritzau used copper cables to get the message across. The company’s telecommunication solution was a closed point to point MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching). It provided high security and reliability – but at a high price. Replacing MPLS with an inexpensive Internet connection seemed obvious. But making this happen in a secure, closed environment with no changes to existing software on either end is not an easy task. After researching the market, Ritzau was not in doubt:

“We chose Nabto as they were able to deliver a modern, flexible, easy-to-use solution, saving us a lot of money. The implementation was seamless”, says Ritzau’s editor-in-chief, Lars Vesterløkke, whose company is now looking at $50,000 in yearly savings.

The news wires produced by Ritzau’s Bureau have now safely migrated from copper cables to a virtual internet connection provided by Nabto. Nabto converted the MPLS to a cost effective Nabto Point-To-Point VPN (Virtual Private Network) transmitting via a standard Internet connection. The Nabto roll out happened over a weekend in March 2010, was piloted for two weeks, and up and running by April, when Ritzau canceled their MPLS contract.

Limitless scalability

The end result is a high bandwidth, autonomous distribution system, which doesn’t depend on a central server. Whereas MPLS posed challenges if news were to be distributed outside Denmark, the Nabto VPN scales both geographically and connection wise, with no wait time for a network providing telco to add new customers as was the case in the past. Optimizing network capacity has also eliminated the need for expensive Quality of Service channels allocating a certain bandwidth to specific dataflow.


Aguasol Solution

Aguasol produces solar water heaters, which converts the sun’s energy to hot tap water. For their product Unibody, a self-circulating solar water heater, Aguasol needed a system that enabled them to remotely measure and register the temperature several places in the water heater.

In collaboration with Aguasol, Nabto developed a customized data collector that presents temperature in a graphical layout and collects data from four different places in the water heater. Nabto used its own prototype board, the Nabduino, which is an open source peer-to-peer remote access embedded board with a user modifiable web-interface.

Peter Boldsens, Industrial Designer and Marketing Director at Aguasol, explains: “It has been a great help to visualize and demonstrate the functions and efficiency of our water heater through the Nabto platform. It makes it easier for our users and customers to fully understand our product.“

What is special intro Nabto’s way of creating data loggers is the peer-to-peer connection, which enables a local connection and makes it possible to communicate with the device without internet connection, and results in a cheaper solution as the user is able to communicate directly with the device and needs not to worry intro extra network traffic costs. Traditional data loggers have a hardcoded sample rate, whereas the peer-to-peer data logger allows the client to determine the sample rate dynamically. The Nabto solution for Aguasol consists of a peer-to-peer solution, where one client is a server, programmed to collect data at certain times.

Nabto’s simple and easy-to-use solution shortened Aguasols time-to-market, and delivered a product that met Aguesol’s demands of an effective data logger.


Develco Logo
RAK Wireless Logo
LS Control Logo

Develco Products

Develco Products

Develco Products is a B2B company providing white label products within the fields of smart home, energy management, home security, and assisted living.

Develco Products develop, produce, and market high-volume customized products for companies supplying end-users with Internet of Things solutions.

Develco Products are experts in wireless communication and have more than 10 years of experience in developing products based on a wide range of wireless technologies. Develco Products take pride in advancing the technology of Internet of Things, and work with leading organizations and institutions in bringing you tomorrow’s wireless technology today.

Develco Products has developed a strong gateway by the name Gateway which is a flexible platform for connecting elements in your Smart Home system with a control unit. Develco Products support a wide range of communication protocols, with state-of-the art data encryption to keep your data streams safe and private. The gateways are based on a programmable Linux-platform and support Java and OSGI. Read more

The Gateway is used as a foundation by many big companies for different application in smart home solutions, many utility companies and also vendors like Philips.

Nabto's patented technology is a default component, and is installed on evaluation- and starterkits ready to use out of the box.

RAK Wireless

RAK Wireless

Shenzhen Rakwireless Technology Co., Ltd. (RAK) was established in June 2014. RAK is Based in Shenzhen with an R&D center in Shanghai and an office in Beijing. RAK is devoted to developing and supplying advanced IoT technology and services.

Based on rich experiences on IoT industry, RAK's founder and his team focus on developing IoT Middleware and supply end-to-end IoT solutions to customers. In addition to Nabto IoT, RAK has accumulated experience in essential protocols such as HomeKit, Amazon Echo, NEST, IFTTT, Z-Wave and LoRa. RAK is also Apple Homekit licensee, Amazon IoT Consulting Parter, Z-Wave Alliance Member and Google Thread Member.

Every industry has its own specific requirements and expectations in this dynamic IoT era. RAK IoT Middleware can easily enable a direct connection and interaction between different devices used in both smart home system and industrial control system. Therefore it greatly simplified product developing procedure and shortened developing time.

At present, RAK has been worked with over 150 customers and has capability of developing its own core competence on IoT field. Thanks to all customers, RAK international service network covers a lot of countries include China main land, Hong Kong, Korea, Denmark, India, Russia, USA, Japan, Singapore, Germany and Sweden.

Nabto's patented technology is a default software technology implemented into RAK Hardware & Middleware, and is installed on evaluation- and starterkits ready to use out of the box.

LS Control

LS Control

Since 1969 LS Control has delivered electronic controllers and regulators to quality conscious companies.

Initially LS Control's strong point was electronic components to the ventilation industry. This is still an important business area, and over time many other business areas and products have been included in LS Control's range.

Today LS Control offer a wide range of standard products to the ventilation industry, a number of standard solutions to heat pump manufacturers and finally LS Control also offer design, development and manufacturing to their OEM customers. Together with Nabto, LS Control offer these OEM customers unique remote access capabilities.

Apps, SDKs and Documentation

Various example apps are available for download in the App store and Google play, just search for Nabto or use the download page.


The core Nabto SDK client libraries and pre-built applications can also be found on the download page. As well as links to open source examples and higher level SDK wrappers for simpler development - and the uNabto device SDK.

Detailed reference documentation is provided in the TEN0xx documents in the Documentation box in this section. Several blog posts provide a more hands-on introduction with full examples.


To try the SDKs, sign up for a free account on the AppMyProduct portal - Nabto's self-service, fully hosted solution. The first few devices are free to use for just trying the platform and for development. You can purchase more devices for production or use our ad-based business model where you get unlimited devices but must show advertisements in the target app to the end-user.

The previous developer portal will be discontinued soon, so please migrate to the AppMyProduct portal as soon as possible.

Browser plugins

If you are looking for browser plugins, please consult the vendor of your product; Nabto no longer maintains plugins (or apps) to host HTML DD based applications, for details and motivation see the platform release notes. An older, unsupported version of the Nabto Firefox plugin can still be downloaded here (the IE plugin is no longer provided at all due to too many problems on modern systems).


To learn about application development, start with TEN040 to get an overview of the options and necessary steps (or take a look at the blog for examples). Read more about native clients in TEN025.

TEN023 describes the anatomy of the application on the device.

The most important aspect of creating a Nabto solution is making it secure - security is described in TEN036.




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Price List

One-time per device license + one-time basestation ("cloud server") fee. Fee includes unlimited number of clients, unlimited number of requests and access to all platform features.

Optional hosting of cloud services with 99.95% uptime guarantee.

Quotes and Questions

Accumulated device countPer device price
100,000+Contact us
Supported devices per basestationBasestation price
100,000+Contact us


We believe in making the world better by creating awesome technology.

Imagine that all electronic devices are born with their own individual device-id, to distinguish them on the Internet. The unique device-id would work like the URL of web pages, email addresses and Skype™ caller-ids, allowing any device to be instantly recognizable.

With the device-id, you can seamlessly connect to the device, and read or visualize the data inside it. The data helps you to understand the usage, operation and working environment of the device, letting you make better and faster decisions. Based on this new knowledge, and the ability to link to the device, you can easily issue commands to alter the behavior of the device and the operations it controls, making your environment safer and more comfortable. As a company, you might even be able to develop new business models and revenue, or create new, better products, based on the information you have accessed from the device.

It is our mission to make this vision a reality.

We believe the way to do this is by creating an ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) infrastructure, based on a Peer-To-Peer distributed technological approach. This approach may be challenging, but it creates an awesome solution. We believe it offers so many advantages that it is worth the investment of time and energy to create a truly innovative product.

Our customers are vendors of electronic devices, who share our vision of making products Internet accessible, and creating real value for the consumer.

What makes Nabto’s solutions unique?

Nabto provides a P2P device connection infrastructure that delivers simple, seamless local and remote connectivity to ‘Internet of Things’ devices. Each device is identified by a unique, vendor specified ID. End-users, installers and automatic data-collectors effortlessly create a secure, online, interactive connection to the device meaning the data in the device can be accessed, or commands to the device can be issued.


Incuba, Nabto headquarters

The development of our distinctive technology began in 2007, when founder Carsten Rhod Gregersen discovered a need for direct Peer-To-Peer, HTML based communication, to high-end devices mounted behind a firewall. This work identified that the demand for such products would only grow – as the Internet-Of-Things became a reality. Soon, the search for seed funding was initiated, patents were handed in and the first prototypes created. Next, early-adopter customers were identified and a dialogue was established to pinpoint the most important features of the future platform, and to create the product roadmap.

The company has since experienced rapid growth, with an office in Incuba Science Park, Aarhus, Denmark. Our main R&D and sales personnel are located in Denmark, Germany and the United States, with partners all over the World.

Carsten Gregersen

Carsten Rhod Gregersen > CEO

Carsten is the founder and CEO of Nabto, and in 2005 he developed the technology, which became the foundation of the Nabto technology today. As an innovator by heart, Carsten has prior to Nabto nursed 4 other companies and he has more than 15 years of experience as CEO of software and innovation companies. He holds a master degree in Computer Science and a bachelor degree in Mathematics from Aalborg University along with a Diploma Graduate degree from Aarhus School of Business.

Ulrik Gammelby

Ulrik Gammelby > CTO

Ulrik has been with Nabto since the company's infant days, and has made key contributions to shaping Nabto and its products. Ulrik has served in various software engineer positions in Denmark and abroad. He holds a master's degree in Chemistry with a minor in Computer Science from University of Aarhus.

Karsten Viuf

Karsten Viuf > Sales Director

In 2009 Karsten joined Nabto, bringing with him a deep experience in Sales Management. With a good insight into the technical side of embedded software, great communication skills and a strategic eye, Karsten is an asset that contributes to Nabto's unique competitive advantages. Karsten holds a master degree in Management, Commerce and Accounting from Copenhagen Business School.

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