Jey Jeyasingam

CTO of Y-cam Solutions.

Jey has been with Y-cam for almost 10 years and has more than 20 years of experience in bringing innovative products to enterprise and consumer spaces.

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Since its establishment in 2007, Y-cam Solutions Ltd (Y-cam) has been providing home security solutions. As an award-winning IP camera manufacturer, Y-cam specializes in smart home security solutions that are affordable and easy to use. Y-cam is located in the UK, has hundreds of thousands of customers all over the world, and has sold more than 250,000 units.

Y-cam has the vision to create home security products that are accessible for everyone – no matter their budget or technical knowledge. With the main focus on protection of people and their properties, Y-cam uses the latest encryption technology to maintain high security and privacy. The product line of home security solutions consists of alarm systems, in- and outdoor cameras, as well as accessories in this area. With the use of artificial intelligence (AI), Y-cam also provides a monitored home security service at a much lower price than other more traditional security companies can offer.

Image of a camera of Y-cam on a shelf

Originally Y-cam was an innovator in the field of Internet-connected home security cameras. However, as the market grew, Y-cam started to broaden its horizons, which was when they developed the monitored alarm system.

On a daily basis, Y-cam’s home security cameras process more than 2,000,000 customer videos. This is videos recorded when a motion is detected. Furthermore,Y-cam’s customers are able to live view through the cameras using an app. The live view is sent to Y-cam’s servers, then from the servers to the customer’s app, from which the customer could then view the live view. The live viewing through Y-cam’s servers could increase the latency for the customer, but by using Nabto’s P2P technology in some of their cameras, the latency was reduced.

’’By implementing Nabto’s technology we could overcome the problems we were facing with the live streaming of our home security cameras. With peer-to-peer connection to the live streaming, we did not only save money, but we were able to give our customers a much better user experience. That is why we went with Nabto’s solution.” 

– Jey Jeyasingam

’’The team at Nabto knew what they were talking about, in the early days when there were some issues with the technology, they were fast to help and turn things around very quickly. At that time the CTO of Nabto was based in London, which helped us a lot and made it possible to work closely together.’’

– Jey Jeyasingam

Y-cam started to use P2P technology around two years ago. With a large number of companies developing P2P technology – many of these being Chinese – Y-cam wanted to work with a European company. The main reason for this choice was to ensure Y-cam was working with a company that understand its requirements. A great example of one requirement that is important to have a deep understanding of is the new GDPR, which has recently been introduced. Working with a European company has also made it easier to locate where the servers are running, a task far harder to achieve if working with a Chinese company.

Image of the Y-cam camera from three angles

’’The first thing that people ask about when you have a P2P solution is what your success rate is. What is your success rate on different network environments and in different countries etc.? That used to be a big question for us because that’s the one thing that normally shoots down P2P technologies. Now that we been running Nabto in our cameras for more than a year, we haven’t had many issues with the success rate, which is a huge relief.’’

– Jey Jeyasingam

At the moment, Nabto’s P2P connection is only in the live view function in the new cameras of Y-cam, but the technology might expand to Y-cams outdoor cameras later this year.