Create lightning fast IoT interfaces

The Nabto platform is built upon P2P technology which makes direct secure communication between end user client devices (mobiles, tablets, etc.) and their IoT devices possible. P2P technology has been used in a wide range of currently used Internet standard products like Skype, Teamviewer and other communication platforms where latency is important (large delays in voice or video/screen share is problematic).

The Nabto P2P IoT platform ensures that a direct connection is created and that the data communication between the end user devices and IoT devices is travelling as fast as possible through the Internet, thus with the lowest latency. This enables you to build the most responsive data visualization (from IoT device to end user) and remote control (from end user to IoT device) interfaces for your product.

Market research suggest that for every 1 second response/load time increases customer satisfaction will drop by 16% (Aberdeen Group – 2012)

Communication latency in many BigData/Cloud based IoT products is easily above 5 seconds. Please contact us to hear about customer cases who chose Nabto after benchmarking us against such platforms.

Simple solution for enduser IoT control

Nabto is a real-time remote control solution for connected products that enables end users to easily remote access and control the given product.

The Nabto platform makes it easy to create responsive real-time end user controls of products, be it mobile/tablet apps or PC applications.

The platform further enables the manufacturer to enable Big Data sensor collection on-demand. Ship your product today, chose which data to collect tomorrow.

Develop for any end user device

The Nabto platform offers rich support of any type of end user device (mobiles, tablets or PC operating systems and hardware type) natively. In addition, the platform also offers support for a number of IDEs and development platforms, shortening the time-to-market even further. Examples are Cordova, Ionic and React. With these platforms you can create the end user application you always dreamed about in no time.

State-of-the-art Security

Maximum privacy: Direct, encrypted communication between Nabto enabled client and device. No data stored in cloud.

With the Nabto platform, clients interact directly with devices. The Nabto services running in the cloud act only as a sort of telephone central – mediating direct, end-to-end encrypted connections. Once established, these services are out of the loop – as opposed to “traditional” cloud data scenarios where central services are involved in all interaction between clients and devices.

Industry standard cryptography is used for authentication, confidentiality and integrity.

High End and Flexible Hosting

Multiple options exist for servicing your devices using the Nabto. Let Nabto host your services in our cloud solution with clusters of machines in multiple regional datacenters. The cluster structure ensures high availability and performance. Or use the option to deploy our solution in your own server infrastructure, you chose what is your preferable way of hosting the solution.

Today the Nabto Enterprise solution is hosted in 4 different datacenters, with more planned, around the world serving devices and customers using the infrastructure giving the most optimal experience.

Downtime in all geographical regions combined with downtime in multiple availability zones inside all datacenters is highly unlikely – and has not yet happened.

You can check the status of the hosting solution here