Strong Security

The Nabto communication infrastructure has been deployed across numerous smart medical device categories. As we use P2P connectivity that bypasses the cloud, our platform provides maximum IoT medical device security, with minimum latency.
Our IoT health care connectivity platform can be deployed across numerous smart medical devices including smart hearing aids, wearable health monitors for asthma and blood pressure, and automatic pill dispensers.
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High Privacy 

Smart medical devices often contain a lot of personal information, which makes privacy per data security standards like HIPAA even more important. With our P2P technology, all data stays under the control of the end user unlike data stored in the cloud. The data between the end user client and the smart medical device is transmitted directly with end-to-end encryption, and there is no third-party involved to monitor user actions, device activity, or personal information.

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Invested in by T&W Medical

Nabto’s main investor is T&W Medical, which is a part of T&W Holding, the founders of the large, global hearing aid company Widex and now co-owners of WS Audiology. In 2021 WS Audiology had revenue increased to over EUR 2 billion with organic growth.

As an investor of Nabto, T&W Medical helps Nabto to keep growing and developing and assures the customer peace of mind when they choose to implement Nabto into their product, as the technology is owned by a large international medical company.

Furthermore, T&W Medical is an experienced user of the Nabto technology that is implemented in the products of Widex’s smart medical devices for several years.

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