Looking for a connectivity solution for your medical internet of things (MIoT) and smart medical devices, such as smart hearing aids?
We’re Nabto, a p2p based IoT platform provider, and we provide our users with a direct and secure real-time communication infrastructure between the client and their IoT medical devices.
The Nabto communication infrastructure has been deployed across numerous IoT based medical device categories. As we use p2p connectivity that bypasses the cloud, our platform provides maximum IoT medical device security, with minimum latency.
Our medical IoT solution can be deployed across numerous smart medical devices including smart hearing aids, wearable health monitors for asthma and blood pressure, and automatic pill dispensers.

Request – Response RPC

  • Remote configuration and management of your smart medical devices
  • Perform maintenance check-ups remotely
  • The end user has continuous real-time access to stored data
  • Remotely monitor and observe product performance


  • Setup secure remote access to existing TCP services – e.g., HTTP, telnet and custom control protocols
  • Access larger amounts of data, e.g. log data
  • Send firmware updates to devices


  • Receive immediate notifications when errors are detected or maintenance is required
  • Receive notifications when the device battery is running low
  • Receive scheduled performance reports

Nabto customer

Smart Hearing Aid Connectivity Solutions

Our IoT platform for medical devices has been used extensively to provide connectivity solutions to smart hearing aid manufacturers, enabling the following:

Remote Device Fittings

Remote fitting and set up of your IoT hearing aid device

Real-time fittings provided by hearing care professionals (HRCs)

Check-ups can be carried out remotely

Volume Control Via Smart Phone

Customer can control the sensitivity of their hearing aid through their phone

Bluetooth connectivity made possible through Nabto

Send firmware updates to devices

Audiologist reports sent virtually

Users no longer having to travel for appointments

Audiologists can carry out checkups remotely

Results can be sent from HRCs computer to users device