Our mission

Imagine that all electronic devices are born with their own individual device ID to distinguish them on the Internet. The unique device ID would work like the URLs of web pages, email addresses and Skype™ caller IDs, allowing any device to be instantly recognizable.

With a device ID, you can seamlessly connect to the device and read or visualize the data inside it. The data helps you to understand the usage, operation and working environment of the device, enabling you to make better and faster decisions. Based on this new knowledge, and the ability to link to the device, you can easily issue commands to alter the behavior of the device and the operations it controls, making your environment safer and more efficient. As a company, you might even be able to develop new business models and revenue streams, or create new, better products, based on the information you have accessed from the device.

It is our mission to make this vision a reality

We believe the way to achieve this is by creating a p2p based Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure. This technical approach may be challenging, but it will create an awesome solution. It offers so many advantages that it is worth considerable investment of time and energy to create a truly innovative product.

Our customers are vendors of electronic devices who share our vision of making products Internet accessible and creating real value for the consumer.

What makes Nabto’s solutions unique?

Nabto provides a P2P device connection infrastructure that delivers simple, seamless local and remote connectivity to IoT devices. Each device is identified by a unique, vendor-specified ID. End users, installers and automatic data-collectors effortlessly create a secure, online, interactive connection to the device meaning the data in the device can be accessed, or commands to the device can be issued.

Our values

Nabto was founded by software developers and still has a very technical focus. We help our clients by providing them with a high-quality software platform. This p2p based IoT technology makes it easier for the customers to achieve their goals of giving their end users full control and access to our clients’ products.

Our Principles

In Nabto we have origins in northern Europe (Scandinavia) and we value and honor:

  • Credibility – When we promise something we will do anything in our power to make it happen. If it turns out not to be possible within current means, we will communicate promptly and honestly
  • Goal creation – It’s important to set goals and meet them. Therefore It’s also okay to say no. This way you ensure you can meet your promises
  • Shared ownership – Decisions are best made by the ones taking action
  • High Quality – This is extremely important. Our reputation rests on providing fit-for-purpose solutions, time and time again, and of the very highest quality.