Nabto was created in 2007 on the basis of providing a unique solution based on P2P technology for communication to IoT devices. The solution, the Nabto platform, enables end-users, installers and automatic data-collectors to create a secure and direct connection to a device, where data can be accessed, or commands can be issued securely without any firewall issues.

Today we have more than 2 million active devices using our platform and customers worldwide in everything from surveillance cameras, hearing aids and smart controllers, etc. in the security, energy, industrial and medical fields.

Invested in by T&W Medical

55 % of Nabto is owned by T&W Medical, which is part of T&W Holding, the founders of the large, global hearing aid company Widex and now co-owners of WS Audiology (after a merger of Widex and Sivantos). WS Audiology has revenue increased to over EUR 2 billion with organic growth in 2021.

Investments done by T&W Medical are characterized as long-term investments in passionate people with solid business ideas that make businesses grow. T&W Medical is not only the main investor of Nabto but also an experienced user of the Nabto technology that is implemented in the products of Widex. Read more about how the technology is used by Widex here.

As an investor of Nabto, T&W Medical helps Nabto to keep growing and developing and assures the customer peace of mind when they choose to implement Nabto into their product, as the technology is owned by a large international company.


Our vision is to make the world’s best P2P-based IoT platform


Nabto’s mission is to help vendors of electronic devices make products Internet accessible and deliver a P2P infrastructure that enables secure and direct remote connectivity to IoT devices.

The uniqueness of the Nabto platform is the P2P technology that has the benefit of making the connection to the IoT device directly, without storing data in the cloud. This makes the connection and data sharing much more secure as well as ensures an ultra-low latency.

The main goal of Nabto is to provide faster, more secure and better connections to IoT devices that create value to the end user by making life easier.

Our values

Nabto was founded by software developers and still has a very technical focus. We provide our customers with a high-quality software platform to help them achieve their goals of giving their end users full control and access to specific IoT products. In Nabto we value:

  • Credibility: When we promise something we will do anything in our power to make it happen. If it turns out not to be possible within current means, we will communicate promptly and honestly
  • Goal creation: It’s important to set goals and meet them. Therefore It’s also okay to say no. This way you ensure you can meet your promises
  • Shared ownership: Decisions are best made by the ones taking action
  • High Quality: This is extremely important. Our reputation rests on providing fit-for-purpose solutions, time and time again, and of the very highest quality.
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Nabto products are covered by one or more of the following patents

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