Looking for a connectivity solution for your Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), smart manufacturing, or Industry 4.0 devices?

We’re Nabto, a p2p IoT connectivity provider, and we provide our users with a direct and secure real-time communication infrastructure between client and IoT devices.   

Our communication infrastructure has been deployed across various smart industrial and manufacturing settings. The industrial IoT connectivity solution that the Nabto platform delivers is relied upon by enterprises to provide maximum privacy and security, with minimum latency and cost.

Applications of our industrial IoT solution include connectivity of PCs, servers and mobile devices to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for remote control, configuration and diagnostics. 

Request – Response RPC

  • Remote configuration and management of your smart industrial machines
  • Real-time surveillance of manufacturing process
  • Perform maintenance check-ups remotely
  • The end user has continuous real-time access to stored data
  • Remotely monitor and observe product performance


  • Setup secure remote access to existing TCP services – e.g., HTTP, telnet and custom control protocols
  • Access larger amounts of data, e.g. log data
  • Send firmware updates to devices


  • Receive immediate notifications when errors are detected or maintenance is required
  • Receive notifications when thresholds are breached, such as machine temperature or KPIs
  • Receive scheduled performance reports

Nabto customer

Remote Diagnostics & Debugging

Enable remote diagnostics & debugging with the Nabto smart industrial IoT connectivity solution. The direct connection to IoT devices enables engineers to execute desk-based debugging procedures, reducing the number of physical visits required. 

Low Running Costs

Our IoT smart industrial solution is extremely cost-efficient as all connections are direct using p2p communication infrastructure, with all data being stored onto the device. This avoids expensive cloud hosting costs.

Strong Security

As all data is stored on the device, with data flowing directly between device and client, the Nabto solution provides maximum levels of security, compared to solutuons that store and process data within the cloud.