Po Yuan

Founder and CEO of EyeCloud.ai

Do you have a security camera solution? Read about the benefits and technical features of using Nabto for a surveillance camera:

The company, EyeCloud.ai specializes in manufacturing autonomous security solutions. Its main focus is on wireless AI-on-edge camera solutions which consume minimal power and which are low-cost products. The company is a market leader in this field as the first, globally, to produce battery-powered, AI-on-device, wireless surveillance cameras within a widely affordable price range.

Picture of a camera of EyeCloud.ai

EyeCloud.ai is located in China, the United States and Romania and was established in 2017 in Silicon Valley. One of EyeCloud.ai’s key missions is to make homes safe, while at the same time making life easier. The core team makes this possible by creating smart solutions based on their high competency of developing and optimizing AI-generated algorithms.

By implementing Nabto’s systematic solution for device management and P2P communication, EyeCloud.ai’s system integration and product deployment were both greatly sped up.

’’The reason we chose to work with Nabto and their technology was because of the secure, complete and systematic solutions they provide for IoT devices. We were also very impressed by the prompt and attentive support from Nabto engineers during our research phase.’’

– Po Yuan

The first AI-on-edge product EyeCloud.ai uses Nabto in is a battery-powered home monitoring device, which can detect people and recognize faces. These intelligent camera solutions are designed with integrated artificial intelligence for human security and privacy for smart and automated homes.

EyeCloud.ai wishes to make their products both affordable and easy to use and where Nabto’s technology is a great solution. The P2P technology from Nabto is used to allow the customers to manage their camera operations through an app on their smartphones. This solution provides remote access to the cameras and ensures a direct and secure connection.

EyeCloud.ai has been working closely with their customers to understand their needs and behaviors in order to make products that are easy to use and which also make their customers’ lives easier with embedded intelligence. With this high focus on user experience, Nabto was a great solution that enabled the team of developers from EyeCloud.ai to work intensely on artificial intelligence to make high-quality products.

EyeCloud.ai camera on ceiling

”With the Nabto solution we have got a complete, systematic and secure solution for our device management and data communication. It greatly accelerated our release-to-market schedule by enabling us to focus on our core technology area artificial intelligence, while taking care of most of the other aspects of the network solutions.”

– Po Yuan

Some of the most attractive features of the Nabto solution for EyeCloud.ai were the possibility to have hosting servers in different geographical regions and being able to balance the load for device management and P2P connections. Being located on a different continent, EyeCloud.ai subscribed to Nabto’s server hosting service for both the US and Europe, as well as China.

”The Nabto solution and the team not only met our expectation but exceeded our expectation on a grand scale. We are especially impressed and grateful, that Nabto responded within a one-week timeline to design and implemented a change per our request due to an embedded platform limitation. Their professionalism, customer-orientation and supportive attitude is world-class and highly recommended.”

– Po Yuan