Davide Gallesi

CEO and founder of neXo

neXo is an engineering company based in Italy that specializes in industrial automation. In 2015 the company developed a core technology based on ARM Linux with real-time capabilities, and programmable with CODESYS, a worldwide standard for the IEC1131-3 PLC programming. This core technology allows neXo to provide industrial programmable control systems to its customers in the field of industrial automation.

The Nexo products consist of different industrial controllers. Two of them are the nX3, a multifunction industrial controller, and the nXmicro+, which is the latest addition to the generation of industrial controllers. They can both be used as they are, for simple PLC logic, but can also be used for more complex automation systems, softmotions, robotics, HMI design, etc.

The nX3 from neXo

The nXmicro+ from neXo

When developing the hardware, Nexo quickly realized that remote service was a very important feature in the field of modern industrial automation. To provide the controllers with this feature, Nexo natively integrated the Nabto framework into the controllers.

Nabto’s technology enabled the possibility to connect remotely to the controller (for example the nXmicro+) via a TCP tunnel. This creates a direct P2P (peer-to-peer) connection between the CODESYS Engineering and the remote controller that allows the user to program and debug the remote controller as it is physically on their desk, connected with an ethernet cable.

“Nabto enabled us to provide a software-only, no configuration, peer-to-peer fast remote connection to our controllers. This allows you to reach the device wherever it is installed, with no configuration from the user.“

– Davide Gallesi, CEO and founder of neXo

The TCP tunnel functionality is installed into the controller as default and ready to be used, which makes the customer experience frictionless. The remote connection has made it easy to do debug, programming and software updates directly from the CODESYS Engineering without any additional hardware.

“It is a pleasure working with Nabto. I found them open-minded, experienced and with great support.”

– Davide Gallesi, CEO and founder of neXo