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IoT device prototyping and testing has its challenges. In particular, it’s time consuming and frustrating to experiment with an embedded device that doesn’t have a simplified interface for easy interaction. By contrast, our app demos allow you to control and test a video stream with ease, right on your PC and smartphone through the Nabto platform. 

The source code for every part of the demo is fully available.

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Quick and Intuitive Process

Set up a video streaming device in just

15-45 minutes on the Nabto platform

Setting up the demo should only take 45 minutes maximum, with no need for a lot of previous developer experience—though, as a note, a working knowledge of handling docker files, basic console commands, and Github may be helpful. 

All you have to do is follow the six-step process with computer and smartphone, as well as a few basic console commands. We’ll do all the rest.

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