Illustration of IoT flow from app to smart lock

Feel safe and secure with world-leading IoT smart door lock connectivity

Implement the Nabto p2p IoT connectivity platform to connect your smart locks and get an intelligent product with low latency and state-of-the-art security that ensures your customers’ full privacy.

Request – Response RPC

  • Remote access to the smart lock
  • Lock or unlock the smart lock with no latency
  • Configure the lock for e.g. temporary guest access


  • P2P streaming of video data if implemented
  • Access larger amounts of data from alarms, e.g. log data
  • Send firmware updates to devices
  • Ultra-simple remote access to existing services: Inject a Nabto Tunnel between existing TCP clients and service on device to transparently proxy access.


  • Get notifications when events occur – for instance if a temporary guest uses the granted access (e.g., the plumber has arrived)
  • Receive performance updates of the smart lock

High-speed connection

With the Nabto platform implemented in your smart lock, there is the lowest possible latency when communicating between client and device. For instance, if you tap a button in your app to unlock the door, the lock reacts immediately with no latency.

Easy set-up and high usability

The technology is both easy to implement into the device, but also very easy to set up for the end-user, which makes life easier for the customer, who does not need to have any technical knowledge, which greatly reduces the customer support burden.

High security

Security is certainly very important when it comes to smart locks. Nabto uses state-of-the-art security with encrypted end-to-end connections. This also means very high privacy as no data is stored in the cloud.