Get remote access to your thermostat solution with Nabto’s direct connectivity technology

The Nabto platform creates a secure and fast remote connection from the client (for example an app on a smartphone) to the thermostat system. This enables the end-user to manage their data on their own device with high privacy via a direct connection.

Request – Response RPC

  • Remote access to thermostat device to set temperatures and mode
  • Monitor the system functions correctly
  • Activate holiday mode




  • Access larger amounts of data from alarms, e.g. log data
  • Send firmware updates to devices
  • Ultra-simple remote access to existing services: Inject a Nabto Tunnel between existing TCP client and service on device to transparently proxy access.


  • Get push notifications when e.g. temperate thresholds are exceeded or when the heater/cooler is activated
  • Get push notifications when an error occurs, or maintenance is needed


Usability and convenience

By creating a direct connection through an app to the thermostat controller, the user can remotely access and control it. This increases the usability and convenience for the user.

High privacy and cost efficient

When the direct connection between the thermostat solution and the end-user client (PC, tablet or smartphone) is established, the user can remotely access the solution and monitor the system or access log data. The data is communicated securely via strong end-to-end-encryption and never stored on a third-party system (like a cloud server), which not only makes it a highly private connection, but also a cost-efficient solution. Development is much simpler when compared to a centralized cloud solution – you only have two peers: Client and device, meaning the traditional client/server paradigm can be used for development (with the device acting as the server).