Monitor your smart alarm devices from your smartphone

Nabto’s p2p connectivity platform enables a direct connection to your IoT alarm system with super low latency – whether it is a motion sensor, heat, smoke or flood alarm. Make your IoT smart alarm connectivity solution superior to the industry standard with a focus on high levels of security, reliability and quality.

Request – Response RPC

  • Remote configuration and monitoring of your alarms whenever you like
  • Inspect the system status now and not when a central system is updated with 5+ minutes delay
  • Control when your alarms are on or off


  • Access larger amounts of data from alarms, e.g. log data
  • Send firmware updates to devices
  • Ultra-simple remote access to existing services: Inject a Nabto Tunnel between existing TCP client and service on device to transparently proxy access.


  • Receive warnings on your smartphone when an alarm goes off
  • Push notifications to remind you when to test your smart alarm or when the battery starts running low

Nabto customer

Push notifications when actions are needed

Nabto’s technology enables the device to send push notifications directly to your smartphone. This can, for example, be a reminder to test the alarm or when the battery is running low.

Connection with low latency

In the event of an alarm being triggered – for example by smoke – the wireless alarm will send a warning via the hub to the app and notify you right away. When the alarm notifies you, it is important that communication is immediate so you can react quickly.

IoT alarm system connectivity with great user experience

Manage all your alarms at any location through an app with great user experience. The Nabto platform will ensure simple setup and intuitive usage of the smart alarm system.