Environmentally friendly and intelligent solution

Remote control and monitor your solar cell solution from afar to keep track of operational status, capacity performance, remotely control the settings, or reset any parameter.

Request – Response RPC

  • Remote access to solar cell controller that makes it possible to perform several actions
  • Monitor status of performance to ensure a high level of uptime
  • Update the firmware remotely




  • Access larger amounts of data from alarms, e.g. log data
  • Send firmware updates to devices
  • Ultra-simple remote access to existing services: Inject a Nabto Tunnel between existing TCP client and service on device to transparently proxy access.


  • Receive push notifications when production or system anomalies are detected
  • Receive daily production statistics’ summaries


nabto customer

Remote access from afar

With the Nabto platform, it is possible to remotely manage the solar cell device through a direct connection.This means that the solar cell device can be reached from afar, which minimizes the number of physical visits to the columns when, for example, support is required.

Low running costs

An IoT solution for your solar cell device with Nabto is cost-efficient because of the direct connection. There are no expensive costs for your cloud provider as all data is stored directly on the device.

No firewall barriers

A frustrating barrier for many companies is the firewall that make it very difficult to connect to an IoT device from a desktop without involving the IT administrator of the local network. The Nabto Platform avoids these problems with encrypted and secure connections.