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Pairing and Access Control: Part 2 – Client Implementation

Update: This post is about access control in Nabto 4/Micro. For modern access control in Nabto 5/Edge, see the intro to security in Nabto Edge. Also see the general comparison of Nabto 4/Micro (uNabto) and Nabto 5/Edge. This is the second blog post of the two posts about access control in Nabto. The first post […]

CC3200 Two-Way Audio with Android

Texas Instrument’s CC3200 is a single-chip microcontroller unit with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, created for the Internet of Things. It can run the FreeRTOS operating system and provides a hardware encryption engine. Sounds interesting? It did to us! So we created a demo that is capable of streaming two-way audio between the CC3200 and an Android […]