About Sotronik

Sotronik is an engineering company and trusted Nabto partner, providing innovative and intelligent developments in the field of software and automation electronics. Sotronik both creates customized and expand existing control systems with secure remote access. As a service provider, they offer customized partial and complete solutions that include all the necessary pieces, from the target device to cloud or company web servers to app visualization.

Services of Sotronik

  • Software Engineering
  • Hardware evaluation and development
  • Complete automation systems
  • Requirements specifications
  • Counselling and evaluation
  • Feedback control systems
  • Simulation
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Partnership with nabto

Nabto has worked with Sotronik on exciting IoT projects for some of its biggest clients. Through our partnership, Sotronik has gained great expertise in using and implementing Nabto’s technology and sees value in incorporating Nabto in IoT devices for their customers.

Below are two examples of use cases where Sotronik has used the Nabto technology to solve the problems of their customers:


Küng Wellness approached Sotronik with the goal of creating a 10-inch touch display and web-based application for its sauna-control system. Since sauna heaters need time to reach the target temperature, Küng wanted to enable remote control that customers could use to start up their saunas from a distance. By implementing a uNabto tunnel client directly on the on-site touch display, Sotronik developed a smartphone app that remotely could access the same functions. This meant that Küng could focus its development costs on creating one interface for multiple applications.

In cooperation with Küng’s long-standing partner IQONICS, Sotronik helped Küng develop a sauna control system with a very appealing and intuitive HMI (human-machine interface). The touch screen operates both on-site and remote through the app interface.

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REMOTE ACCESS AND SecureD tunneling

Hexis is a fuel cell technology company that provides compact, energy-efficient devices for power and heat generation. 

The company hired Sotronik to provide remote access and secured tunneling to their fuel cell heating systems for single and multi-family houses. Hexis and its customers wanted to have remote access to their heating systems, along with data-collection capabilities to track system performance. Hexis wanted to keep the demand on the fuel cell heating system infrastructure as low as possible, and did not want the expense of creating their own management system. With this demand, Sotronik chose to use the Nabto technology as a “user-self-managing” and high-performance remote access solution.

Sotronik installed the Nabto tunnel on OEM gateways and connected these to the fuel cell system and the Internet. For the homeowners, they developed a software that connects to the gateway via the Nabto base station. This provides a transparent and secure TCP tunnel to the fuel cell system. The connection creates a fast and easy way for Hexis and its clients to have full system functionality from remote. Hexis can now offer its customers high-performance and cost-effective remote access to the fuel cell systems.