Do you want to connect your products to the internet? RAK has several modules and a high expertise of IoT technology, which can be a great solution for you.

About RAK

RAK is located in Shanghai and is developing and supplying advanced IoT technology and services. The company has rich experience in the industry of IoT, and it develops IoT Middleware and supply end-to-end IoT solutions to their customers.

Technical specifications

  • 720p (1280*720) @18fps
  • CIF/QVGA (320*240) @30fps
  • VGA (640*480) @30fps
  • Effective distance 50m, 30m away from the more fluent
Bound rate
  • 115200 bps (default), can modify it by command
  • Linux-
  • Support Infra/Soft AP network types, Support Soft AP&EasyConfig one-click configuration, built-in web server, embedded P2P Cloud server to access via remote easier.
  • 5V power supply current is 500mA
  • ARM926EJ-S

Partnership with nabto

RAK has worked with Nabto’s technology since 2014 and has integrated the platform in many IoT products currently on the market. This includes YongTong’s CloudRover and A-TEAM Venture’s Waggle. RAK’s team can assist you with all from hardware integration through mobile application development.