If you need support for product development, redesign or maturing, or if you need your product tested and certified, EKTOS is ready to assist. 


EKTOS is a Danish-Ukrainian engineering consultancy. It can take on the task of handling a full design process from the initial specification over the development, testing and verification phases to product maturing, pre-testing, production of prototypes and accredited testing. EKTOS can handle any separate step of the process.
For more than 10 years EKTOS has designed electronic solutions for businesses within a variety of different industries such as agriculture, marine, climate, energy and healthcare.
Contact EKTOS for a non binding talk about your needs on +45 7070 1499 or at [email protected].

Partnership with nabto

The engineers at EKTOS are experienced at implementing the Nabto solution. They choose Nabto because the software is easy to implement on many different platforms, stable, and because the solution enables direct, real-time and secure communication between devices.

An example of Nabto and EKTOS working together is their use of technology to make Alfred Priess’ intelligent lighting columns smarter.

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Nabto's technology used by EKTOS

Software from Nabto integrated in Alfred Priess’ lighting columns

  • Software module that support remote access to the solar cell columns
  • Micro web server
  • Connection between the columns through the combination of GMS and a Wi-fi mesh network to monitor and control the lighting columns from afar
  • P2P connection that makes latency close to zero.