Our 10-plus years of experience leveraging the connectivity of P2P systems has given us a deeper understanding of which pricing models work best and how our clients can best achieve their goals when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity.

The result? We are happy to announce that Nabto is launching a new, competitive pricing model that is unlike anything available on the current market. And the best part is its small, fixed fee, which only needs to be paid once in the device’s lifetime, with prices starting as low as €3.00 for five years of connectivity services, all included.

A Solution for Every Need

To offer an optimal IoT connectivity solution, we aligned the model with the rest of the vendors’ Bills of Material (BOM). With a one-off price per device, our customers can access an easy-to-price-in IoT structure.

Rather than paying for an ongoing subscription, Nabto’s simple pricing model allows businesses to pay a fixed cost only. This means that hosting and setup of cloud services, maintenance, and support, together with device license prices, are set right from the start – so that your IoT connectivity journey is smooth and without any unwelcome surprises.

Now, you can see connectivity services as a mere component. In other words, it’s a fixed price per device that can easily be added to your bill of material with minimal hassle. What follows is connectivity being priced into your product at a one-off price. 

On our mission to advance secure, remote connectivity, we offer diverse services, including added 24/7 support. Whether you are a startup or a large-scale enterprise, we make our pricing model flexible to businesses across different sizes and needs with tiered options based on device volume.

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Why Do We Know This is the Right Step?

Not many other sectors have such an impressive growth prediction curve as IoT, with the market estimated to reach over $1.4 trillion in volume by 2027. And as companies increasingly integrate the technology within their ambitious digitization plans, it’s critical they have reliable and accessible solutions within their reach.

Years ago, subscriptions might have been the go-to, but they simply can’t keep up with the developing market. Why is that? This model fails to consider how long a device could last and how many devices a client would be paying for during a subscription period. 

Today, devices can serve life cycles of over 20 years, and the majority of projects are scheduled indefinitely. By paying a subscription for every device you own, you’ll clearly be overpaying.. And as your business grows further, you might require more servers to cater to all IoT connections, meaning you could get stuck with long-term, inconvenient subscriptions.

Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are some of the providers protecting themselves against the long life cycles of IoT devices. To change the game, our model with fixed costs upfront aims to introduce cheaper and more transparent pricing within the industry.

How We Make This Work

How can we actually offer such a low license rate? We have solved an important dilemma: Rather than storing everything on the cloud (a notorious black hole for funds), we have chosen an alternative.

You pay a one-time solution entry fee of 2,500 euros to set up your solution and access our Nabto server software, aka the basestation. After that, you’ll pay a small, fixed fee based on the number of devices you’re connecting. This fee covers everything for five years or more. 

From there, we merely mediate connections via the cloud. The rest is actually stored at the device level, helping us cut costs significantly. 

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