Lars Juul-Olsen

CEO of TechSolutions A/S.

In the industry of developing access management systems and security solutions since 1983.

TechSolutions has customers all over Scandinavia and Europe and works closely together with security installers, who contribute to the inspiration of continuous growth of new products and new systems for integration.

TechSolutions A/S is a Danish manufacturer and has been a supplier of high-tech innovative access control security systems to the global security industry since 2005. It is a solutions partner for network-based surveillance and alarm management systems that are interoperable with a multitude of systems and devices. TechSolutions also creates intelligent applications to facilitate interfacing to e.g. building automation, video surveillance systems, access control systems and intrusion panels.

TechSolutions met Nabto for the first time at the Security ESSEN exhibition in 2016, and soon after Nabto suggested using its technology for TechPoint. TechPoint is an IP door controller that connects directly to the lock. TechSolutions wanted an innovative solution that would enable remote access to the TechPoint via the browser.

’’We had developed a very powerful controller, and with the client-centric tendencies of today we knew that the next thing for us along this roadmap was to implement a Cloud/remote browsing solution and to build a mobile app. Our focus is on security and we wanted to enable installers, our customers, to have more flexibility and to be able to remotely access units located at the end-user, without having to be at the location. We were happy to know that such technology exists, and we do not need to start from scratch.’’

– says Lars Juul-Olsen

Thanks to Nabto’s solution, TechSolutions can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Direct communication with the devices through the firewall – the Nabto software establishes communication to a device behind a firewall.
  • Security reassurance – the inherent security facilities of the Nabto platform makes it possible to build a solution that is protected from unauthorized access from the network.
  • The Nabto remote access to the TechPoint controller allows installers to have web access to the device, to gain remote control for switching on and off the device, as well as to regulate several hundreds of system settings. ’’Before we implemented the Nabto technology to TechPoint, every time the end-customer needed maintenance support or technical help, installers needed to leave their desk at the office, collect all necessary technical tools and computers, drive to the customer’s location, connect to the local network via an Ethernet cable and fix the problem. After integrating the Nabto software, installers do not need to leave their offices, and do not need to waste time on packing the tools and driving to the location, all they need to do is to connect to the device via the browser,’’ explains Lars Juul-Olsen.

With Nabto’s technology TechSolutions, customers obtain a very dynamic and operational product which allows them to navigate through the system, control the system, push system updates, access historical data logs and enjoy the significantly reduced maintenance and service costs.

Nabto’s architecture makes the overall customer solution simple to develop, deploy and manage. The software becomes an integrated part of the vendor’s own software package. The simple architecture also enables users to work offline with local communication. Implementing the Nabto software with TechPoint is a very inexpensive investment for TechSolutions that virtually brings their customer’s office to the end-user’s location. Saving time and money for their customers, TechPoint creates a value-adding integrated solution for their customers and becomes an appealing security solution, standing out against the competition.

TechSolutions joined the discussion about how Nabto can help improve their business and initially TechSolutions wanted a solution for a remote web-browser gateway, which allows the installer to access an existing web server on the device from a browser. However, in the longer run, TechSolutions discovered that direct peer-to-peer connection between the controlling client device and the product provides even greater advantages:

  • Greater flexibility to access, control and monitor the product for both the end-user and the installer
  • Enabling access via mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and computers, Android and iOS)
  • Broader spectrum of functionality that can be customized for every single user
  • Immediate response to the command – the connection does not require a central relay server
  • User-friendly, intuitive and operational interface

Nabto’s experience shows that if the time between pressing a button on a mobile device until the remote device responds to it takes more than 400 milliseconds – equivalent to the blink of an eye – it irritates people.

With Nabto’s peer-to-peer architecture, TechPoint gets a direct connection with no cloud server overhead once the connection is established, which makes the response time to be close to immediate, resulting in optimum user experience. The simple architecture further ensures lower development cost and simple maintenance.

Being in the security industry, secure data transaction and its safety is amongst the primary focus points for TechSolutions. Nabto runs four data centers strategically located in EU (Ireland), US (East coast), China (Beijing) and Singapore. This allows for top-quality performance in any of the leading TechSolutions markets. In addition to that, Nabto’s technology is based on similar principles and algorithms as the encryption solutions that are used by home-banking systems and digital signatures.