Torsten Born

Head of Research & Development at STEINEL

STEINEL is a global organization that develops and produces sensor-controlled lighting and heating tools. The company has existed for more than 60 years and has development centers located in Germany, Switzerland and Czech Republic. Besides being specialists in sensor systems, sensor-switched lightning and heating tools, STEINEL is known for its very high level of design, manufacturing and service standards.  The products of STEINEL are developed and produced with a high focus on convenience, security and energy savings. Based on this, Steinel was on the lookout for a new provider of secure technology to establish remote access to their outdoor camera solutions: the sensor-switched LED outdoor light L 620 CAM SC, and the sensor-switched LED floodlight XLED CAM 1 SC

“We heard about Nabto through our cyber security advisors and also through one of our most trusted partners in Germany. From the latter, we were encouraged to work with Nabto because of their great experiences, and we are happy we did!”

– Torsten Born, Head of Research & Development at STEINEL

By integrating the Nabto technology in the L 620 CAM SC and the XLED CAM 1 SC camera sensor lights, it is possible for the end-user to connect to the device through the wireless network via the STEINEL CAM App without any data being stored on external servers. As soon as the motion sensor detects movement in the range of 10 meters, the light is automatically turned on and the user will receive a push notification in the app on their mobile device. Here the user can choose to interact with the camera through streaming live video with sound or communicate with the visitor via the built-in intercom.  The Nabto technology establishes a direct connection from the app to the camera, meaning all communication happens under the control of the user and without any third party server. The direct, end-to-end encrypted connection, therefore, means high privacy for the user as all data is saved directly on the camera with no possibility for strangers to eavesdrop. 

Our product line of sensor lights with cameras needs to be trusted by our customers in terms of security, privacy and performance – and we must ensure that the communication infrastructure supports this. As a European company with a very high understanding of security in IoT devices, Nabto definitely lived up to our demands.

– Torsten Born, Head of Research & Development at STEINEL

When a movement is detected, the corresponding images in high quality are stored on the device on a micro SD card and those recordings can also be streamed to the app, anywhere in the world, without additional storage on external servers. This was a huge priority of STEINEL to ensure their high security standards which Nabto easily could accommodate

“The support we got from Nabto’s technical team was outstanding. They ensured our solution followed best practices and swiftly assisted with any questions we had.“

– Torsten Born, Head of Research & Development at STEINEL