Dario Gullo

Sales Director of Küng Wellness AG

Küng Wellness AG is a Swiss company that builds individual wellness facilities, saunas, and steam baths, which clients can experience in the privacy of their own homes. Their tailor-made wellness products integrate HMI (human machine interface) technology. The interface allows Küng’s clients to interact with the smart control system to manage their wellness facility functions.

“Since our company was founded, we have been putting outstanding quality above everything else and topping it off with strong innovations in design, technology, and comfort. All of this creates the unmistakable Küng feel-good effect, a concept our customers have long since been familiar with. Integrating our controls with Nabto technologies gives us the desired high performance and ease of use for the client, and allows us to do what we do best: focus on creating the ultimate relaxation experience.”

Dario Gullo, Sales Director of Küng Wellness AG

The Küng HMI consists of a touch display that relies on a Linux operating system and uses an integrated progressive web app (PWA), which is built with the same languages as a website: HTML and CSS. PWAs function on the web rather than residing on a hardware device like a smartphone or computer, so they don’t take up storage space and they’re quick and easy to update. 

The initial problem Küng had was in providing clients with remote access to the Küng smart control system from any device, passing right through any firewalls. In short, the company needed a fast, efficient, and secure connection method. Küng was able to achieve that by using Nabto’s P2P application-level tunnel solution.

  The Nabto platform provides a TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) tunnel that reduces latency in machine-to-machine communication. The TCP tunnel bypasses firewalls and allows real-time communication across different network protocols and devices.

Placing the Nabto tunnel device endpoint in front of existing services ensures end-to-end encryption between client and device. The tunnel also allows clients to easily connect to the Küng smart control system via LAN or from a remote location. Nabto lets you embed tunnels in or alongside your apps with ease.

In short, Küng customers now have secure remote access to their systems and high-speed communication between the control system and connected wellness facilities. Because of this, Küng has experienced a wide range of benefits, including lower maintenance costs for the remote access system and improved overall system performance. 

“We were able to draw on Nabto pattern implementations and expand them according to our own needs. Our customers can now connect to their systems independently and control them from anywhere without any intervention from us.”

– Dario Gullo, Sales Director of Küng Wellness AG