About DIS

DIS (Dansk IngeniørService A/S) is an R&D company that provides consultancy and engineering services as well as turn-key solutions to some of the biggest and most recognized companies in the industry. It continuously works with development and innovation in many different industries and therefore has extensive knowledge of various sectors, disciplines and methodologies.

In Denmark, the name is DIS and internationally the name is CREADIS. It is represented in Denmark, Germany, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the USA, has a total of 18 departments worldwide and employ more than 500 dedicated engineers.

Close up image of hardware

Partnership with nabto

Developing smart products also requires some security measures. DIS has used the unique Nabto technology to enable real time data streaming from customer devices to both UI’s and cloud storage of sensor data. This way data is accessible for the end user in real time as well as ready to use for ex. predictive maintenance.