The Best Password is No Password

Today is World Password Day. And what better day to discuss the use of passwords in connected devices. 

There are more IoT devices now than ever, but the lack of cybersecurity remains a problem – several worrying examples of this. As mentioned in CPO Magazine simple passwords are no longer enough to keep hackers from attacking.

Here is what Nabto does to keep IoT solutions as safe as possible: 

Instead of passwords, Nabto uses paired public key authentication. Vendors who offer an IoT solution with Nabto create an automatic pairing between client (e.g. smartphone) and IoT device (e.g. camera or smart lock) in an initial trusted setting. The user does not have to memorize a username or password, the generated public key is simply installed on the device. When later presenting the matching private key, they can connect to the device.

This means much better security as brute force attacks are now completely infeasible, as the only way to gain access is to steal the private key from the user – which often is encrypted.