Customers expect a maximum response time of 0.1 of a second when using Internet of Things devices

Answering an email or making an online payment in only 0.1 of a second is impossible, but when it comes to the use of IoT devices, this is the users’ expectation of maximum response time.

A P2P connection is the best way to achieve this high-speed response time when using an IoT device because the data is shared directly between the IoT device (fx a security camera) and the end user client (fx an app on a smartphone). Using a database-driven IoT connection will often have much more latency when transferring large amounts of data.

“Using a P2P connection for your IoT device not only means low latency but also ensures higher security and privacy, which is very important regarding the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)”

– Carsten Rhod Gregersen, CEO and Founder of Nabto

The number of connected IoT devices is rising and predicted to be 30 billion in 2020. This means it really does matter how fast your IoT devices respond, and P2P will therefore be the perfect solution for a better user experience.

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