IoT For Good

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are more important than ever today in the fallout of COVID-19. In an article in IoT For All, we have focused on how IoT devices offer a way to achieve some of the goals and change the fate of billions for the better. 

In the article, we talk about IoT in the following three goals:

  • Goal #1: Zero Hunger: In this goal, we focus on smart farming. Better connected farms and new agricultural tools to make farms more efficient and automate the crop or livestock production cycle. 
  • Goal #2: Clean Water and Sanitation: IoT will here be used as smart solutions to ensure clean water supply.
  • Goal #3: Affordable and Clean Energy: The focus here is on connected devices in wind and solar energy to improve every step of energy flow and have reliable supplies and maintenance. 

Read the full article in IoT for All here