ENABLE-S3 is industry-driven project that aspires to substitute today’s cost-intensive verification & validation efforts by more advanced and efficient methods to pave the way for the commercialization of highly automated cyber physical systems (ACPS).

Pure simulation cannot cover physics in detail due to its limitations in modelling and computation. Real-world tests are too expensive, too time consuming and potentially dangerous. Thus, ENABLE-S3 aims at developing an innovative solution capable of combining both worlds in an optimized manner.

Nabto is one of the 71 Partners consisting of experts in the area of verification and validation of ACPS, which secures good value chain coverage for the project.

We are happy to take part in the ENABLE–S3 general assembly held in Gran Canaria, Spain. At the conference we presented our first phase solution on remote operator ‘’emergency stop’’, which in practice will enable remote control and performance measures monitoring on highly automated and autonomous systems.


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