Nabto tutorials

Find the tutorial you need below to get started using the Nabto Platform.

I want to test nabto, but i only have a pc and a smartphone

This tutorial will show you how to get started with your device created using the Nabto Cloud Console, e.g. how to start a simulated device on your PC and how to access this from an app.

I want to make remote access to a camera

In this tutorial you will learn how to connect a video player directly to a remote RTSP server through a P2P connection using Nabto Tunnels. You can use the same guide to setup tunnelling of other protocols by changing the target TCP port from RTSP’s 554 to e.g. HTTP’s 80 (or combine them – any number of ports can be supported by a single tunnel instance).

I want to make remote access to an embedded board

This tutorial guide you through how to make a small, low-cost surveillance camera (incl. app and device source), and how to use an ESP32 to make it remote accessible.