IoT Solution Management with the Nabto Cloud Console

In Nabto IoT solutions, there is very little configuration to do centrally as our services merely act as a mediator to set up a secure connection between client and device.

The Nabto Cloud Console allows you to create and register your devices so they are later reachable remotely from clients. You can configure central access control, webhook integration, mobile push notifications, and check the live status of devices.

Try the console for free to figure out if Nabto is the right solution for you. You can create up to three device licenses free of charge (no credit card required) for research and development. 

Sign up for a free account, create device licenses for installation in your product, and monitor your solution. 

Try the console for free

Demo accounts can create a few free test devices for evaluation, development and test. For production, contact Nabto to purchase licenses and increase the limit.

Overview of the Cloud Console

How to get started with a Nabto solution

It is easy to get started with a Nabto solution. With the Nabto Cloud Console, you can try the platform for free (no credit card required) and use our ‘getting started wizard’ that helps you create everything to get your first device online.

To walk through a full tutorial to create a Nabto solution and start your devices, take a look at one of our tutorials below. 

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