Nabto recently re-launched our community building efforts with lots of great projects as can be seen on blog.nabto.com. Now we want to expand the team with yet another hacker! Ideally with great communication skills as the current hacker team - but less can do if you are more into hacking and less into communicating.

Primarily, we want to demonstrate the capabilities of our peer-to-peer (P2P) communication platform through eye-catching projects, documented through a blog - ideally to catch the attention of hacker / maker sites such as Hackaday.

Our P2P platform works with even the most inexpensive MCUs, down to 8-bit PIC18 modules with a few hundred bytes of memory - enabling realtime communication with everything, from "normal" Linux systems down to genuine IoT systems running on an RTOS or bare metal.

Your job is to realize such eye-catching remote-control projects all the way from coming up with a cool idea, picking the target platform, implementing the target application and the supporting client application and ideally documenting everything on the dedicated blog so other hackers can reproduce.

There will also be opportunities to work on more "regular" development tasks where the objective is to make usable software for a customer or partner (vs developing strictly for "marketing purposes" on the blog).

It is an important requirement that you are able to work independently based mostly on the public platform documentation - and then discuss and provide feedback if the documentation is insufficient. With that being said, you will of course work with the team to discuss your ideas and any issues that may arise.


We started out in 2007 with our P2P platform, initially targeted at desktop systems in both ends. Later we moved towards supporting extremely limited platforms, enabling direct interaction with everything. At this moment we have sold more than 1 million device licenses, enabling direct P2P interaction with high level systems like IP cameras and DVRs all the way down to remote controlled locks, intrusion detection and light bulbs. With our P2P approach (as opposed to e.g. more "classic" relay or cumbersome port forwardings), the user gets zero configuration interaction with devices with minimal latency.

You can read more about us on www.nabto.com and blog.nabto.com as well as inspect our open source software (including the full device SDK) in github: https://github.com/nabto.


You are probably a CS or engineering student. You are definitely interested in hacking / making, likely embedded systems and perhaps Internet of Things. You must be able to program in C. Ideally (but not strictly required), you have good communication skills - you can convey a technically complex problem in written English so other people with a reasonably technical background can understand it - and make them feel excited about your message!

Previous blogging experience in the domain is indeed preferred but not a strict requirement.

And as written above, you must be good at working independently!


You get the opportunity to get paid for working with cool stuff, shaping a cool platform based on your feedback and publishing stories about it.

All fluff aside, we suggest to pay you 200 kr/hour and expect you to work about 10 hours/week. If you have other suggestions for payment - for instance per-project based payments, just contact us and we will figure something out.


Send a few words about why you are a good fit for this job to Ulrik Gammelby on ug-at-nabto.com. Instead of writing a lot of words in an application, just show some examples of something you have made, e.g. github references or links to blog(-like) articles you have published or contributed to.

Ideally, you make a small Nabto based project on some platform of your choice and document it to really demonstrate your hacker- and communicator skills. If we like it and publish it, this could be your first project and you will get paid for it.

Send the application to jobs-at-nabto.com. If you have any questions about the job or to the company in general, don't hestitate to write too - or use the chat in the lower lefter corner.

We need the position filled ASAP and interview candidates as we receive applications, so don't hesitate to write.

Note to recruiting, sourcing, consulting, head-hunting companies etc: Please do not interpret this posting as an encouragement to contact us for help with recruiting, insourcing or outsourcing. Thanks :-).