Nabto Software Downloads

Nabto Version 3.0.15

Release Notes

Mobile apps

Apple App Store Google Play Android APK Source
Nabto Video Demo / Kikato-
Nabto HTML App Runner (deprecated)--
Heatpump DemoQ1 2017Q1 2017Q1 2017

Desktop apps

macOS Linux Windows Source
Nabto .NET Tunnel Manager (requires Mono on macOS/Linux)Q1 2017
Advanced .NET CLI Utils (requires Mono on macOS/Linux)Q1 2017
Bloated Test CLI (simpleclient_app)-


All iOS Android .NET (x86/x86_64)
Nabto SDK static libs for Linux, macOS, Windows, iOS and Android (zip)---
Mobile Client SDK (zip)--
Mobile Client SDK (Cocoapod, jCenter)--
.NET SDK (NuGet)---
Resources (zip)---

uNabto Device

Source code for the core framework and examples for specific platforms are available in github:

uNabto SDK - full framework
uNabto ESP8266 - platform adapter and example for ESP8266
uNabto PIC32 - platform adapter and example for Microchip PIC32
uNabto STM32 - platform adapter and example for STM32
uNabto CC3200 - platform adapter and example for CC3200


To learn about application development, start with TEN040 to get an overview of the options and necessary steps (or take a look at the blog for examples). Read more about native clients in TEN025.

TEN023 describes the anatomy of the application on the device.

The most important aspect of creating a Nabto solution is making it secure - security is described in TEN036.




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